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Generator Power Management System 

This PLC based power management system, coupled with a touch screen, delivers powerful value added features that are rich in graphics. This is cost effective alternative to the conventional mimic panel display. The power management system can fully exploit the numerous capabilities of a PLC working in tandem with a HMI screen. The end result is a user friendly, cost effective and compact system that is still flexible enough for customized add-ons and future expansions. HMI can easily connect up to eight stations.

  • Menu
  • Single-Line
  • Individual Screens
  • Alarm History
  • Customized
  • Individual Governor
Plus Points:
  • User Friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible
  • Excellent Performance
  • Expandable
  • Customized Add-on
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The touch screen allows the power management system to present all its extensive features in a rich graphical interface that is far superior to the conventional mimic panel which at best has its constraints in terms of size and the space available for the display. The menu-driven pages can be individually configured to the end users’ customized needs.

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Switching Screen

The menu-driven graphical operator interface allows for a rapid and easy access to individual screens. The task of switching and navigating through individual screens is a breeze.

Single-Line Representation

Single line representation is available and gives the end user an overall view of the power system configuration in a clear graphical manner. Status and system values are displayed clearly. Parameters like voltage, amperes, frequency, kilowatts, load usage percentage, etc., can be easily displayed.

Individual Screen Page

Individual screen pages dedicated for each generators or bus allows the operator to monitor the system status. Generator protection devices examples, over-current, over & under voltage, high & low frequency status, can be configured in addition to the breaker On/Off/Trip status. Auto-synchronizing start/unloading failure status can similarly be shown for system with auto-synchronizing and load-sharing features.

Customized Add-On

The system is both flexible and expandable which enables it to cater for other add-on features & possibilities in meeting the customer’s unique requirement & needs.